[mythtv-users] Issue with back end host address

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Tue Jun 15 09:20:49 UTC 2021

On Mon, 14 Jun 2021 14:40:36 -0500, you wrote:

>A few weeks ago I successfully migrated a MythTV 31 backend to a new PC. 
>Recently I noticed the backend was set up to listen on all interfaces so 
>I thought I'd reconfigure it to listen on just the PC's primary IP, 
> It didn't go very well:
>1. Stop mythbackend
>2. Launch mythtv-setup
>3. General.
>4. Host Address Backend Setup
>5. Uncheck Listen on All IP Addresses
>6. Select Primary IP Address/DNS Name
>7. The only IP listed was which was an old IP for the old 
>PC. The old PC's IP was at the time I took the database 
>backup which I imported into the new backend's database. None of the new 
>PC's IPs-- or listed.
>8. Select New Entry and enter
>9. Exit Settings / Save and Exit
>10. Redo steps 4 - 7. The Primary IP is still
>I ended up going back to Listen on All IP Addresses. This lets me 
>connect on OK. I'd just like to turn off listening on the 
>other IPs.
>Is this a bug or might I have migrated a stale database entry with the 
>old IP? Any way to get this straightened out?

Check your settings in the database - what does this query show?

sudo mysql
use mythconverg;
select * from settings where data like '192.%';

I get this:

MariaDB [mythconverg]> select * from settings where data like '10.%';
| value             | data     | hostname |
| MasterServerIP    | | NULL     |
| BackendServerIP   | | mypvr    |
| BackendServerAddr | | mypvr    |
3 rows in set (0.002 sec)

but I believe BackendServerIP is historical and no longer used.

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