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Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 13:21:10 UTC 2021

Hi Adam!

> I've just got to figure out how to get Myth TV to work with some of the
> buttons on my basic usb fake keyboard/mouse remote control.
> As the Pi runs without X , these buttons are not recognised by Myth - but
> the same remotes all work fine and the buttons are seen in Myths edit keys
> when X runs on x86.
> I can see the button presses using showkey and evtest  ( KEY_VOLUMEDOWN
> KEY_VOLUMEUP  KEY_HOMEPAGE) but trying to set them inside Myth Frontends
> Settings->Edit Keys have the error: Pressed Key Not Recognised
> Does anyone have any ideas?

Not sure if this is a worthwhile idea but some of MythTV’s Key Mappings 
are used in multiple menus, so possibly a conflict?

Another possibility is a programming error – no idea why it would work 
with showkey and not MythTV. Anyway, temporarily test a known working 
function: maybe “T” (Closed Captioning on/off), so now your VolumeDown 
key would toggle CC mode. Verifies your remote key table is built correctly.

You might also look to see if your table is overring or ignoring the 
entries you put in. I tend to add my stuff at the top or bottom so I can 
find it easier. One table had ‘my’ function repeated, so the computer 
took the last entry. Use of upper- and lower case might make a 
difference. Watch punctuation: there are multiple quotation marks: a 
double is not a single, and a straight up-and-down quote is not the same 
as am angled one. And some utilities are picky about indents, so three 
spaces is not the same as four, much less a tab! I also had played with 
a utility recently here everything below a command line was a comment – 
so much for my find-it-at-the-bottom trick!

Hopefully my hints are semi-helpful.


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