[mythtv-users] Changed monitors (not the TV) and now mythfrontend doesn't display right.

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 18:26:23 UTC 2021

On 07/06/2021 15:16, Paul Harrison wrote:
> On 07/06/2021 14:47, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> On 6/7/21 9:07 AM, Paul Harrison wrote:
>>> Like John says thing have changed significantly in v31 and even more 
>>> so in current master. Not sure about v31 but in master you can select 
>>> which monitor you want MythTV to run on in the setup so probably 
>>> don't need to use --geometry.
>>> Paul H.
>> All versions, including v31, can use mythfrontend settings -> 
>> appearance -> theme / screen settings -> Gui dimension to set the size 
>> and offset of your picture. I use this all the time, and it works fine.
>> Peter
> Yeah that bit has worked for a long time. Being able to place MythTV on 
> a particular monitor I think is fairly new? The question is does it now 
> handle monitors with difference screen resolutions properly?  It works 
> here on master with a dual screen setup but both monitors have the same 
> resolution.
> Paul H.

My nVidia GT710 (low end card) sees a single screen, currently a DELL 
monitor, as 1680x1050; but IIRC when I had the TV HDMI connected too it 
was (1680 + 1920)x 1080.

The monitor was at 1680x1050+0+0 and the mythfrontend window on that 
screen was initially at 1024x576+64+64, fixed in size but moveable.

Running 'mythfrontend -nw --geometry 1920x1080+1680+0' gave a fullscreen 
display on the TV.

Oviously, with this configuration, I'm not intending to try playing 4K 

John P

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