[mythtv-users] Changed monitors (not the TV) and now mythfrontend doesn't display right.

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 7 02:41:25 UTC 2021


I've been running MythTV for years (v30 on debian stable) and it worked
perfectly.  I have 4 monitors: 1 and 2 (built-in intel video) are on the
desk, 3 is the 40" Samsung tv where the frontend runs, 4 is a smaller
screen.  3 and 4 are on a fanless video card.

1 and 2 used to be 1920x1080, the tv is 1920x1080 and #4 is smaller.  in
this situation, the frontend worked perfectly.  Both the frontend
interface and the video being played filled the screen correctly.

I just changed 1 and 2.  They now are 1920x1200.

I start the frontend in a window on #1 with this command:

$ mythfrontend -geometry +3849+0

And it doesn't work any more.  The frontend interface overfills the
screen, so I try:

$ mythfrontend -geometry 1920x1080+3849+0

and now the frontend interface fills the screen correctly but the video
is displayed with 2 vertical bars on the sides.  It seems that the code
that displays the video refers to the biggest vertical resolution no
matter what the -geometry options tells the frontend and no matter on
what screen it is running.  I also tried starting the frontend from a
konsole window on display 3 (the tv - 1920x1080) but it behaves the same

Is there some option that I now need to set explicitly?  Is there
something I can do to force the code that displays the video to have the
proper height of 1080? or is this a bug?

Help! I really depend on MythTV.  Anything I can do/try to help debug
this issue?

Thanks!  And of course a HUGE thank you to the developers for an amazing
piece of software.


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