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just popping out of the woodwork to say HI!

Been using Mythtv since 2004ish and its the centre of my home system. The
Backend has run 24x7 since then with a number of upgrades (including new
mobo / PSU and numerous drive addons). Currently on UB 18 LTS.

Still picking up freeview in the UK using the DVB-T SD though shortly to
upgrade the TV so will probably look at HD then. the RT grabber died so I
moved to Sched Direct - all good since then. Just had the old MCE remote
die and now have a non LIRC replacement up and running like new. Smashing!
Also the NovaT died this year and got a replacement cheap on EB so that's
good too.

I find it just as useful and wonderful as ever and my Son now 10 has grown
up with it! Thanks to all the devs and everyone who helped for the work
making this system what it is!

I've had skirmishes with all the alternatives and this one is still a
winner for me! I know so many people who ran out of humax space (LOL), or
moaned about sky etc costs / data outages / moving house rediculousness and
I'm just always happy, I like to have my programs on a HD so I can go back
and watch again whenever I want. I don't think on demand TV would ever
promise that.

Used to have parties using multiple back ends each with separate playlists
and goom on a projector but these days its all recorded TV and videos from

   - I've often wanted to be able to read youtube videos in so that would
   be a nice feature to have. Also is there the possibility of recording BBC
   iPlayer programs such as BBC3 as they are covered by the TV license? (I'm
   sure there is some small print to prevent that tho) :(
   - I have not played with parental options but something to foolproof a
   front end for my Son to safe programs when he is finally allowed on in his
   room would be good. (This might already exist but all I have seen is the 4
   teir security level so far)
   - I did play with MythZone once but didn't get much working on that but
   a way to interface with IPCameras might be fun but not a priority for most.

Otherwise I'll just continue being happy and very grateful!



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Subject: [mythtv-users] The future of MythTV
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We can see from the number of Scheduled Direct users and the Smolt data
that MythTV is losing users at an ever increasing rate.? We think one
reason for this is it's getting harder and harder to record stuff
because more services are becoming encrypted requiring proprietary boxes
to view and record content and some services are moving to an on-demand
type of service that are hard or impossible to record.

So the question is what improvements would you like to see in MythTV in
the future that would persuade you to continue to use it? Would you like
to see better support for YouTube for example or a better video media
library. Better music player? Support for IPTV services? What plugins do
you use?? What plugins would you like to see? Are you happy with the
user interface or would you like to see a more modern one?

Give us your thoughts on what direction you would like to see MythTV
take now it's original purpose is slowing being killed of.

Paul H.
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