[mythtv-users] Leanfront better support for embedded subtitles than mythfrontend

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Sun Jun 6 11:04:56 UTC 2021

Leanfront and Mythfrontend are both working really well for me these 
days, and I tend to choose which to use fairly randomly. There is, 
however, an issue that sometimes pushes me to choose one over the other. 
Leanfront will often display embedded subtitles when mythfrontend wont. 
Mythfrontent recognises the subtitles are there and allows them to be 
enabled, but then doesn't display anything.

I'm building my own packages. Could it be that I'm leaving off a build 
flag that is important for working subtitles?

On the other hand, for external subtitles, I find that leanfront doesn't 
handle them, whereas Mythfrontend usually does.

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