[mythtv-users] The future of MythTV

John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 11:46:45 UTC 2021

So I've been using mythtv since 2007 when I replaced my replayTV with an
HDPVR.  At the time, the main driver was to have a new hobby to tinker with
plus record video at 720p/1080i resolutions.

Over the years, my family still uses MythFrontend on most of our TVs via
small low powered computers (was zotac ions, now nucs), but of late I've
been seeing the family (and even myself) starting to use Plex on our
Rokus/Firesticks more and more often for music, videos, and photos. A large
reason is that they can pick up where they left off with their ipads
(...they have mac laptops and will use mythfrontend there, but that's
probably just a bit of an appeasement to me and my more recent. compiling
hobby :) ).  I've also noticed, we tend to watch fewer recorded shows these
days as the family has moved to online media (youtube and other streaming

I guess this is a long winded way of saying I agree with many of the past
posters.  Focus on the backend and recording capabilities.  These are still
top notch and I won't be using any other similar services while MythTV is
still available and working. Either keep mythweb going and/or complete the
update (I still use mythweb to manage recording - as does my family -
because it is so easy).  FInally, I'd definitely be supportive of a better
Plex or Jellyfin plugin for accessing (and maybe managing) recordings.
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