[mythtv-users] The future of MythTV

Curtis Gedak gedakc at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 15:34:03 UTC 2021

First, thanks to everyone who make MythTV a great way to record and 
watch TV.  My TV watching life is much improved since I first installed 
MythTV back in 2011.

Personally I think that MythTV has become more difficult to install.

As I see it the areas of increased setup difficultly are:

- Lack of Mythbuntu distro which made it easy to install all the pieces 
at once.

- Setting up Schedules Direct for MythTV 31 with the new command line 
based XMLTV grabber methods is harder than with the previous Data Direct 
web based channel selection method.

- Changing settings in the GUI is sometimes non-intuitive such as in 
Video setup section with entries that can be clicked on to pop up a 
selection list, but also have a right arrow option to open a screen of 
additional options.

- Setting up remote controls such as MCE units is harder because LIRC 
does not work out-of-the-box.

I believe the above items reduce the number of people who would persist 
through the difficulty to eventually achieve a working MythTV installation.

With all that said, overall I am impressed with MythTV and the volunteer 
effort that has made it a great tool for consuming television content.

Best Regards,
Curtis Gedak

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