[mythtv-users] Hard frontend crash with vaapi on Ubuntu 20.04 and Mythtv 31

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Thu Jun 3 10:49:36 UTC 2021

On 03/06/2021 03:38, OpenMedia Support wrote:

> I had another crash on the 5.8 kernel. I did manage to force a sync before
> rebooting but I didn't get anything useful in the system logs

I think I'm right in saying it should be impossible for a user space 
program like MythTV to crash the kernel so it's most likely either a 
kernel or driver bug. In this case the video drivers are the most likely 

It's not clear when you say a hard crash what exactly you see. Does the 
box just shutdown completely with no lights, fans or any sign of life? I 
so a very common possibility with these small boxes with external bricks 
for the power supply is a failing power supply that falls over when 
asked to provide to much power like when playing videos or doing some 
CPU intensive task like comm-flagging. Definitely worth trying another 
power supply if you have one handy even if it just eliminates one 
possible cause.

Paul H.

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