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Hika van den Hoven hikavdh at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 16:38:53 UTC 2021

>> Hoi Stephen,

> I previously never really looked at the hdhomerun_config tool. It says
> it wants an <id> and that didn't work in my network configuration,
> except on the backend. However <id> means either the id or the ip
> address! So I now can in my scripts substitute the old ivtv and v4l2
> tools. Will take some time to figure it all out as those script are
> old.

> Thanks Stephen for kicking my thinking on the right track!

I found the following script (I guess I at some time got it from
silicon dust) and it works perfect!
I put the ip address in hard and the tuning parameters you can get

hdhomerun_config <ip-address> scan <tuner>

I have been looking at it on and of for years, but never really
serious. There was no urgency. I never thought it would be so simple.
Just substituting id with ip! :-)



usage () {
    echo "$0 <channel> <program> [output]"
    echo "ENV variables: id, tuner"
    exit 1

if test -z "$channel"; then usage; fi
if test -z "$program"; then usage; fi

echo command: $0 $*

hdhomerun_config $id set /tuner${tuner}/channel $channel
hdhomerun_config $id set /tuner${tuner}/program $program

if test "$output" = "-"; then
    hdhomerun_config $id save /tuner${tuner} - | mplayer -fs -
    echo Saving $channel-$program to $output
    hdhomerun_config $id save /tuner${tuner} ${output}

exit 0

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