[mythtv-users] Video and sound turning off for 2 seconds then returning

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 11:27:16 UTC 2021

This problem is most likely caused by changing HDMI inputs away from my 
PC and then back again. It's more subtle than it was a few years ago 
when I was chasing this on 1080P.

I've recently tried setting my PC to UHD 4K with a scale factor of 200% 
on any *buntu version with 5.11 kernel so I have gfx software new enough 
to support my 11th gen Intel based NUC.

This seems to help 1080 content like mythtv since the TV in UHD improved 
HD content.

If I set my HDMI 2.0 switch to the NUC and boot it, my TV is rock solid 
regardless of what video I play, mythtv, streaming, games, etc.

If I leave the NUC on and switch to another HDMI source and later back 
to the NUC I get the occasional screen blanking and loss of audio for 
about 1-2 seconds. This repeats randomly.

I can fix this by:

1. rebooting or

2. setting the screen to 1080p 100% scaling.

This sound like that old problem where you had to capture the EDID in a 
file and play with xorg.conf so the settings got reset with an HDMI 
event like switching.

I can't find that old discussion.  I have not had to do any such tricks 
is a very long time.  This just started when I changed to 4K settings 
instead of HD.  It's always been a 4K TV. I thought it might be hardware 
but all the cables and switches are 4K at 60 HDMI 2.0 rated.

At this point I just reboot each time I want to connect the PC to to the TV.

Any ideas??

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