[mythtv-users] Metadata Lookup - updating problems

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 23:07:05 UTC 2021

Hi Hika!

Not going to quote as replying off-line after reading your reply at the 
website (rather than wait for the e-mail to come through tomorrow). 
Summary is my first test error was “a bit tricky error as does not give 
the real reason”, probably due to my third error.

My third error was I still needed to install the dateutil module for 

As noted in a previous post all the modules were installed. RCRERNST’s 
post to me indicated having a similar problem with Python 3.9 under 
Ubuntu; install in an ‘active python environment’.

The ‘pip’ method didn’t work. Recalled had seen some downloads on the 
Python website. Downloaded the two for the dateutil module – one tar.gz 
and the other whl. Vaguely familiar with tar.gz so extracted that one. 
Ah! There is setup.py in there! /sudo python2 ./setup.py install/ ==> 
looked like installed something!

FWIW the steps and notes I used to install dateutil – may help somebody:

*Manually install: *

*1. **At Python site download the actual file. [*D/L to own subdir ==> 
Downloads/Python or something to make easier to work with later*].*

*2. **Extract the file [*within the special subdir OK*].*

*3. cd into the first/main level of the extract – verify setup.py is in 

*4**a**. **Open Terminal – pull a first dir level file into Terminal to 
obtain path; trim and put ‘cd’ in front – now in that extract.*

*4b. **Now the */sudo python2 ./setup.py install/

...Looks like the next steps don’t need to be updated so on to the Tests 
– can always go back.

First test: (….tvmaze.py -t) ==> “Everything appears in order” 

Second test: (tmdb3tv….Monk) ==> get the HTML-looking output which seems 
to be good.

Third test: (tvmaze...Monk) ==> drumroll please! also HTML-looking 
output! Woo-hoo!

Now for the grand test: mythfrontend (at Terminal – easier to exit than 
the GUI). Get to Artwork and Data Sources --- both prepopulated to 
TheMovieDB and the TV source can be switched to TVmaze.com.

OK: just noticed an error: this Frontend is asking “is mythfilldatabase 
running?” I’m going to say that’s temporarily correct because the 
Backend has not been updated yet. (Please verify!)

Thanks for your assistance – the problems I was having was mainly not 
knowing. To me made sense to upgrade to Python3 while upgrading the 
metadata. The either/or’s were there but I misinterpreted – sometimes 
one doesn’t want to upgrade an OS, etc., because a programme won’t work 
under the new. With MythTV v30 I needed to stay with Python2.


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