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Sat Feb 27 18:04:13 UTC 2021

On 2/27/21 9:21 AM, David Hampton via mythtv-users wrote:
> On Sat, 2021-02-27 at 09:39 +0000, Tim Draper via mythtv-users wrote:
>> I've been making more use of the Videos section over the last few
>> months with moving boxsets from dvd to files. This has spured
>> watching content chronologically rather than pot luck order via
>> recording their broadcasted version.
>> What we're finding is that it's very hard to keep track of where
>> we're up to. typically we know which season, but the episode is much
>> more difficult to know so ends up browsing where we think we are,
>> starting playback to find if we have a bookmark and ultimately
>> exiting and playing the next file till we stumble upon the correct
>> one.
>> I think it's a case of the streaming services having both 'resume
>> watching' which will immediately resume playback from your recent
>> media (as does emby and plex iirc), and they also seem to have better
>> visibility as you browse content on whether they've been watched or
>> not.
>> are there any options i've overlooked that would make mythtv Videos
>> more user/WAF friendly in this respect?
>> liveTV/recordings side is much easier to see progress but feels like
>> the Videos area is archaic and massive overhaul is required to bring
>> it inline with other solutions.
>> I can completely see how Videos would work better with films which
>> are a single file you'd typically watch in it's entirety, but for TV
>> boxsets it seems much more difficult to keep track of where you are.

I have the same problem. I am using leanfront 
so I have added a row showing "Recently viewed". This has both videos 
and recordings in descending order of when watched. Also it shows 
whether they were marked as watched. Then after clicking the item, if it 
is watched, down arrow to the list of "Related Videos", i.e. videos in 
that directory or that series (in case of recordings), and watch the 
next one. You can set the "Related Videos" to exclude watched videos, so 
that you can immediately get to the next unwatched item.

Of course, if you are not using an android device for your frontend, 
this is all academic.

You can get a preview of how it works by installing leanfront on a 
computer with an android emulator. There are instructions in the 


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