[mythtv-users] How to reduce VAAPI GLVidPerf Swap?

Josh Rosenberg mythtv at desh.info
Thu Feb 25 01:57:25 UTC 2021

Hello, all. Sometimes I notice a stutter in my VAAPI video playback. When
it happens, I always have a log line with a non-zero value for "Swap", like

mythfrontend.real: mythfrontend[1093]: I CoreContext
opengl/mythopenglperf.cpp:84 (LogSamples) GLVidPerf: Upload:0.0000
Clear:0.0000 Render:0.0033 Flush:0.0123 Swap:0.0012 Total fps: 59.8134

The rest of the time, during smooth playback, Swap is zero.

What's going on here? Is there anything I can do to reduce swap or
otherwise improve performance? Any Xorg directives or MythTV config
options? I've found very, very little info on configuring VAAPI anywhere...

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