[mythtv-users] Important: Changes to Metadata lookup in March 2021

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Tue Feb 23 01:23:33 UTC 2021

On Mon, 2021-02-22 at 15:41 -0500, Peter Bennett wrote:
> This information is in the MythTV wiki at 
> http://email.mg.glenb.net/c/eJxFjs0KgzAQhJ9Gb5V1TbQ55FAKPdVnCBuzGvGXGCt9-1p6KAwMfDAf43TTkpMi7XVbiVIJYISCZG4Vc14KkoSgrFOOUQA6xZg1NPGYCOhGnm02c0y9hqssgZ2yVa5AMEhmi9AUKCogWbl01D7GdUuKW4KPM8dxZNM7-vjKltB9QT_0Z9UcyVEk81yWYV_N3dPc8WZqCo03CJinQf-Gl33jsJ1H_p4PKZNB_A
> Metadata Lookup Changes March 2021
>  Note: For TV series metadata lookup to continue working, you must
> update as described here.
> MythTV metadata lookup uses thetvdb.com as source for TV show
> information and artwork. TheTVDB is changing their business model to
> require a subscription payment to use the API. The existing API will
> be shut down around March 2021.
> MythTV fixes/31 and master (v32-Pre) have been updated to support two
> new sources. For metadata lookups on TV shows to continue working,
> you need to upgrade your system. To be able to make the new
> selection, both backend and frontend must be upgraded (if you use
> separate machines for backend and frontend).
> You can select one of these options in mythfrontend -> setup ->
> Artwork and Data Sources -> Television Metadata Source. You need to
> change this for metadata lookup to continue working. Select one of
> the following two options.
> * TheMovieDB.org V3 television. TheMovieDB is used for Movie lookups.
> It can now be used for TV series lookups as well.
> * TVmaze.com.
> If you have recording rules that have inetref specified as
> ttvdb.py_nnnnn these must be changed or metadata lookups for future
> recordings will fail. Appropriate values are as follows:
> * tmdb3tv.py_nnnnn for lookup of TV series using themoviedb.org.
> * tvmaze.py_nnnnn for lookup of TV series using tvmaze.com.
> * tmdb3.py_nnnnn for lookup of movies using themoviedb.org.
> In each case, nnnnn is the inetref for the series or movie at the
> appropriate site. These numbers are different for each site, so you
> cannot just change the prefix.
> You can update recording rules from mythfrontend by clearing out the
> inetref field and clicking the search button to search using the
> source that you selected in frontend setup. This does not work with
> mythfrontend on Android.
> Note that it is perfectly acceptable to have some rules using
> tmdb3tv.py_nnnnn and some using tvmaze.py_nnnnn at the same time.
> They will be looked up using the appropriate service. If you have
> some that are still using ttvdb, they will continue to work until the
> old ttvdb service is shut down.
> If you have Leanfront on Android or on an emulator on a PC, you can
> search both tvmaze and themoviedb without changing the frontend
> setup. That way you can check for each show which service will
> support it and set up accordingly.
> Ubuntu and Xubuntu Focal (20.04)If you installed using Ubuntu
> packages, you can add the ppa and
> perform an upgrade to get the latest version.
> Other distributionsBuild from git branch fixes/31 or master,
> depending on your version.
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peter, where in leanfront do you do the metadata search ?
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