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Klaas de Waal klaas.de.waal at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 18:23:53 UTC 2021

>> If the error is related to a capture card that does convert external
>> video signals such as a HD-PVR then it can be a configuration issue.
>> In mythtv-setup look at page Input Connections / Interaction between
>> Inputs
>> For a HD-PVR the "Max Recordings" should be 1 and the  "Schedule as
>> Group" should be unchecked.
> This sounds like it could be my problem as I have a HDPVR that I installed
> a few weeks ago. However, I do not see a "Max Recordings" or "Schedule as
> Group" setting under "Interactions between inputs." How can this be?
>> This is a bug. Somewhere in the past, the system defaults were correct
for the HDVPR so there was no need to make it configurable. Later on the
defaults have been changed but the HDPVR was forgotten. This bug was not
noticed because most of the time people do an upgrade and not a clean
install. If you do an upgrade the existing database settings are preserved,
so if you had a correct HDPVR configuration it stayed correct. Only new
installs (or those who create new capture cards entries....) will encounter
I plan to fix this one way or another, either by adding the configuration
options or by changing the defaults for the HDPVR.
In the meantime, if you are comfortable with the command line you can fix
it with the following SQL:

[klaas at modu ~]$ mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
> MariaDB [mythconverg]> update capturecard set reclimit=1,schedgroup=0
> where cardtype="HDPVR" limit 1;
> Query OK, 1 row affected (0.003 sec)
> Rows matched: 1  Changed: 1  Warnings: 0

This is from my system, how I tested the command. On the first line, use
your own password after the -p (mine is mythtv).
The "limit 1" at the end limits the changes to max one record. This reduces
the effects of mistakes, but if you have two HDPVR devices you need then to
do it again.
To view the final result you can use this command:

> MariaDB [mythconverg]> select
> cardid,parentid,videodevice,cardtype,inputname,sourceid,reclimit,schedgroup
> from capturecard;
> +--------+----------+---------------------------------------------------+-----------+-----------+----------+----------+------------+
> | cardid | parentid | videodevice                                       |
> cardtype  | inputname | sourceid | reclimit | schedgroup |
> +--------+----------+---------------------------------------------------+-----------+-----------+----------+----------+------------+
> |     28 |        0 | /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0                       |
> HDPVR     | None      |       17 |        1 |          0 |
> +--------+----------+---------------------------------------------------+-----------+-----------+----------+----------+------------+
> 27 rows in set (0.001 sec)

And then you see something like the above.
N.B. Have left here only the HDPVR entry.
N.B. Your videodevice is probably different, I do not have a HDPVR and have
just used another video device.

Hope this helps,
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