[mythtv-users] Skewed text and video display on widescreen 5120x1440

Alain mythuser at alain.homeunix.org
Thu Feb 18 18:35:20 UTC 2021

      Any hope of finding a fix or work-around for my skewed fonts in 
mythfrontend ?
Currently, I have to first downsize the resolution of my display using 
xrandr, start mythfrontend, re-use xrandr to set display size correctly, 
move the mythfrontend window to its proper location and set down to use 

      But it does work as  work-around, Beats the problems I have with 
my other frontend/backend where the remote no longer works on recent 
kernels, where I have to spy on the output of the backend to check for 
errors on my TBS6950 which MythTV can't configure properly so that when 
the backend loses it I have to :  stop the backend, run dvblast to reset 
the card to use the CAM card and restart mythbackend... Of course that 
is when the backend doesn't go defunct on one of the Haupage decoder 
preventing systemd from cleanly shutting it down and preventing Linux 
from rebooting without a manual hardware reset. Sight a few years ago, 
before the TBS card, it all worked fine. I can't believe that a defunct 
process prevents a reboot!  (Defunct in a kernel driver of course, not 
the standard zombie case).


On 16.01.21 18:47, Alain wrote:
> On 16.01.21 18:40, Alain wrote:
>> On 15.01.21 19:07, Mark Kendall wrote:
>>> The size info looks OK in the EDID;
>>> 00ffffffffffff00410c5409ae0a0000
>>> 221e0103807722 << these are the width and height. 77 is 119 in decimal
>>> = 119cm. 22 is 34 = 34cm.
>>> 119/34 = 3.5 - which is almost your aspect ratio (stupid EDID data
>>> can't do accurate here).
>>> Try the following and see what Qt thinks it is using:-
>>> QT_LOGGING_RULES=qt.qpa.*=true mythfrontend
>>> You should see something like this in the first few lines (from my
>>> current machine):-
>>> qt.qpa.screen: adding QXcbScreen(0xbea100, name="HDMI-A-0",
>>> geometry=1680x1050+0+0, availableGeometry=1680x1023+0+27,
>>> devicePixelRatio=1.0, logicalDpi=QPair(96.0,96.0),
>>> physicalSize=434.0x270.0mm, screenNumber=0, virtualSize=1680x1050
>>> (1680.0x1050.0mm), orientation=Qt::LandscapeOrientation, depth=24,
>>> refreshRate=59.9, root=6af, windowManagerName="GNOME Shell") (Primary:
>>> true )
>>> Regards
>>> Mark
> Hi Mark,
>     Here is the QT's version:
> qt.qpa.screen: EDID data for output "HDMI-0": identifier '', 
> manufacturer 'Philips Consumer Electronics Company',model 'PHL 
> 498P9-', serial 'AU02034002734', *physical size: 1190.00x340.00*
> qt.qpa.screen: adding QXcbScreen(0x55780d9ab110, name="HDMI-0",
>     geometry=5120x1440+0+0, availableGeometry=5120x1417+0+0,
>     devicePixelRatio=1.0, logicalDpi=QPair(96.0,96.0),
> *physicalSize=1.0x1.0mm,*
>     screenNumber=0, virtualSize=5120x1440 (5120.0x1440.0mm),
> orientation=Qt::LandscapeOrientation, depth=24, refreshRate=70.0,
>     root=1e6, windowManagerName="Xfwm4") (Primary: true )
>     Forgot to include the data after setting the screen size to 
> 3480x1080 to compare the results. In this size, the GUI starts fine in 
> terms of font size:
> qt.qpa.screen: EDID data for output "HDMI-0": identifier '', 
> manufacturer 'Philips Consumer Electronics Company',model 'PHL 
> 498P9-', serial 'AU02034002734', *physical size: 1190.00x340.00*
> qt.qpa.screen: adding QXcbScreen(0x556e22d78310, name="HDMI-0",
>     geometry=3840x1080+0+0, availableGeometry=3840x1057+0+0,
>     devicePixelRatio=1.0, logicalDpi=QPair(96.0,95.9),
> *physicalSize=1193.0x336.0mm*,
>     screenNumber=0, virtualSize=3840x1080 (3840.0x1080.0mm),
>     orientation=Qt::LandscapeOrientation, depth=24, refreshRate=75.0,
>     root=1e6, windowManagerName="Xfwm4") (Primary: true )
> Regards,
> Alain
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