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james jam at tigger.ws
Thu Feb 11 12:48:04 UTC 2021

> On 8 Feb 2021, at 10:55 pm, John Hoyt <john.hoyt at gmail.com> wrote:
> I downloaded your latest build and ran (10.13 version) on High Sierra where it works perfectly.
> Great!
> I formatted and re-installed Catalina on my laptop.
> I have installed iTerm, Firefox and XCode. I have not installed macports.
> I downloaded and installed Mythfrontend.ap (ver 10.13)
> <click> did nothing so
> To be clear, you're using the 10.13 built app on Catalina?  With or without plugins?  Why not just the 10.15 built App?  You will get better video performance.
> Did you check in system security preferences to allow third party apps?  You'll also have to authorize the app to open.
> This has to be a build issue since my system is virgin. I’ll now install macports and no doubt when the libjpeg goes in the app will work.
> That's quite possible, but more likely a missed dylib link that should point internally.
> What is the exact name of the .dmg file you are trying?

John I have got 2 builds that work well for me, I’m very content
I was testing the build script for your edification and delight

I installed Catalina in a VM
I installed Xcode, command line tools and accepted the license
I installed macports
I downloaded compile from sourceforg

jam at ws130 ~ % ./compileMythfrontendAnsible_31.zsh
./compileMythfrontendAnsible_31.zsh:148: substring expression: -1 < 0


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