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james jam at tigger.ws
Tue Feb 9 06:15:32 UTC 2021

> On 9 Feb 2021, at 7:18 am, John Hoyt <john.hoyt at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 11:42 AM John Hoyt <john.hoyt at gmail.com <mailto:john.hoyt at gmail.com>> wrote:
> MythFrontend-31-intel-10.15.7-v31-7763a3363d-with-plugins.dmg
> Thanks - I'll do an extended check with otool on that app when I get some time (possibly the end of the week).  Out of curiosity, did you try the 10.13 build on your Catalina machine?  If it works, that may help me track down the issue in the Catalina build environment.
> Well I found the issue - it looks like on the Catalina and High Sierra builds (but strangely not Big Sur...) QT is not deploying libjpeg correctly.  My guess is that I may have a macports libjpeg issue when not compiling qt locally.
> QtWebKit:
> 	::snipped output::
> 	/opt/local/lib/libjpeg.9.dylib (compatibility version 14.0.0, current version 14.0.0)
>         ::snipped output::
> Now to figure out why macdeployqt is not copying over libjpeg.9.dylib…

Finger trouble for last post.

John, I downloaded your latest from sourcesorge.

Both Catalina and High Sierra play beautifully
I can’t see any reason but both seem much smoother than previous. (That’s really hard to subjectively evaluate since “the winds of yesteryear” are gone (old builds). Certainly this looks good (I watched a few moments of Super Bowl)

I edited a HD movie, with errors, without any hassles

I retrived meta data with no more than the usual fiddling about. (And I mean the Oxford definition).

So all in all a big thank you to John.
I’ll try to break build and post any ‘sucess’ stories, but I will use a new VM and case insensitive FS. This was somewhat painful (reinstall OS X)

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