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John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 13:18:45 UTC 2021

> I did not mean that, or imply that <smile> I used fiddling in context of
> very detailed work requiring great skill and patience ie a fiddly job is
> one where considerable care is required as well as skill to achive a
> successful outcome. I'm sorry that my venacular conveyed the Oxford meaning.

The english language is a rather poor way of communicating.  Adding in
local vernacular can often makes things even more troublesome.  I'll try to
take that into account in the future.

> I have a 2011 iMac 27. It can't go past Migh Sierra.
> So I want a frontend on my catelina macbook and one on the iMac.
> But, as you said "covered above" so thanks.

The are High Sierra builds on the sourceforge site with the latest updates,
but feel free to build them on your own.  Having someone else use the build
script will only make it better (and will uncover bugs that I haven't
considered / been able to test).  If you do build on your own, please let
me know of any fixes you might incur (maybe off list) that way I can get
them worked into the sourceforge/github versions.

I posted the lldg trace of a crash, and posted that I had been unable to
> get another. Perhaps fine weather makes even the worst recordings look
> good. Rain (40 mm tomorrow) so I'll try then.

I saw that one, but the repeatability issue was where the comment came
from.  Was it crashing in the same place, same file / memory access error.
In the bad file was there any other things being tosed out when it
magically worked.  Sorry for the rain, but glad you'll be getting
additional data points to test.

I've tried to get the cutlist editor to crash locally to no avail.  I even
fired up a fresh Catalona and High Sierra VM - and I just can't get it to
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