[mythtv-users] master: cutlist editor

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 13:11:21 UTC 2021

I have just finished an editing session on the el7 box that was briefly 
disabled by the 'thread destruction' issue.  Currently 10b529

No crashes but it is still prone to unexpected hangups on hitting Escape 
or E from playback.  I wasn't watching the logs, but in the past they 
have been for 20 seconds.  Now, on return from such a hangup , hitting 
the up-arrow moves the cursor instead of changing the step length. 
That's something that used to happen, at least with radio recordings and 
the '0.5 second' step, but I noticed a change (without the hangs) some 
months before the crashes of last October.

Editing has almost always been possible for me with master/x86_64, but 
setting accurate cutpoints at the keyframe level (or 1 second for radio) 
is less smooth than it used to be.


John P

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