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John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 12:11:35 UTC 2021

> John is the git repo clean for all your fiddling (presumably debug, not
> release hence the debug version)

Fiddling (according to Oxford - annoyingly trivial or petty) would not have
been the word I would personally have selected to describe my activity.
...but I guess everyone has a different perspective on life.

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking.  I don't have a public git
repo at the moment, but I'll try to answer what I believe is your question.

The mythtv fixes/31 github repo currently has the John P suggested fix to
MythUIButtonListItem (which fixed your first cutlist issue) committed.

The mythtv packaging github repo's fixes/31 and master branches both have
all of my recent updates to the compile script committed (including the fix
for my python path error)

The mythtv ansible github repo has all of the latest updates to ansible
(including the new user selectable database_vsersion flag committed).

The compile script clones the mythtv github repo at HEAD based on the
default for the script or user specified branch. The current script does
not have any switches for debug/profile builds so if you are going to
compile on your own you'll need to add it to the script's config flags.

Is mostly working for me, I’d like to build it for High Sierra. Are the
> fixes John P suggested comitted?

The posted binaries for v31-016630a35c and v31-1aff6fd2db (the latest
release) both have the MythUIButtonListItem patch and the python path
fix.  v31-1aff6fd2db also has some additional fixes to the metadata
grabbers while "might" fix some of your frustrations - or not...

Does your build-script address the python packages oops?

Yes (covered above)

If you are going to build for High Sierra - you will need to build on a
High Sierra computer or VM.  Macports likes to only install ports for the
macOS version you are running.

Also, if you are running Catalina, you'll do better to build off of a
Catalina machine.  There were many graphics performance enhancements in
Catalina that will let video playback work better and use less CPU.

BTW - I believe the rest of us are waiting on you providing an update on
where / how your cutlist editor experience occurs (i.e. responses to Mark's
questions in a previous email).
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