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John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 13:44:55 UTC 2021

> There is an issue with the grabber failing too, I'd guess it is the old
> timeout problem. I'll go hunting.

I fixed the issue on the mac builds (just haven't posted new ones - was
going to do that this AM but got distracted building a debug version for
Catalina...).  As long as the grabber runs (which I thought you confirmed
in a previous email), the mac builds are working and any issues pulling
down data are on the grabber side or on poor file naming convention (i.e
your plane earth 2 experiment).

Am I missing something else? I'm more than happy to help troubleshoot mac
build related issues - if it's a grabber issue you should create an issue
report on github to get further assistance from someone who knows what
they're doing vs me hacking around and hoping to get lucky.

John I have run gdb on mac qt programs before. mac is not my usual
> environment so if you would not mind say 10 words to jog my memory of any
> specials please.

You should have lldb installed by Xcode by default, I'd suggest using that.
You'll need to attach lldb to the real process and not the startup
script (this will break any python related goodies since they get pathed in
the startup script):

lldb /Applications/Mythfrontend.app/Contents/MacOS/mythfrontend.real

in the lldb prompt do the following to set a backtrace:

(lldb) target stop-hook add
Enter your stop hook command(s). Type 'DONE' to end.
> bt
> disassemble --pc
Stop hook #1 added.

then launch the process:

(lldb) process launch
(lldb) run
(lldb) r

I'm sure there's something I missed here - I'm a novice in mac development
as well (Mark - please chime in if he needs to do anything else).

More instructions can be found here:
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