[mythtv-users] Current generation low-power graphics card to use for 4K TV (both MythTV frontent and content)

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Mon Feb 1 06:54:58 UTC 2021

On 1/31/21 3:24 PM, Deyan wrote:
> Hi,
> I've searched around in the list and wiki but haven't found if someone is running a recent graphics card to drive a 4K TV for both UI and content - does one exist with good support for both MythTV and Linux? Preferably one that can do 4K hardware acceleration.

  I'm running an nvidia 1650 on linux, doing 4k output.  I occasionally use it for mythtv.  It is actually overkill for what I use it for, but when I bought it, the choice of graphics cards supporting 4K was somewhat limited.  Not quite sure if that falsl into 'rcent graphics card' or not.

  Not quite sure about power consumption on it.  Note that for 4K content, it depends on the format of that content - I suspect that any newer graphic card will have hardware support for the common video codecs used for 4K.  But if you buy an older card (one of the earlier cards supporting 4K), it may not support the latest codecs.

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