[mythtv-users] edit mode on recordings questions

George Bingham georgeb1962 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 02:22:34 UTC 2021


I am using mythtv v31.0+fixes from 11/08.

I have recently been switching around themes. I am usually on Functionality
31.0, but occasionally switch to Mythcenter-Wide 1.7, and noticed again
when I am in edit mode on a recording, that there seems to be an extra
graphic, above the graphic that shows where commercial edits & cuts are,
that looks kinda like a sound-wave graphic.

Is that what it is?   Have not been convinced lately, and not sure if it
works as intended. It may not show up until you back it up by one keyframe
or more from a cutpoint.  What is it supposed to represent?   Also if you
position the pointer one or more keyframes ahead (i.e. opposite of backing
up through a non-cut area) it doesn't change - at least on my setup.

If I back up a few keyframes again, it will update again once I pass the
point I was at previously.

Does anyone know what I'm typing about? I could include a screenshot of
what I'm describing, but I forget exactly how to include pictures without
using attachments. You may need to use the mythcenter-wide theme to ever
even see what I'm trying to describe.

Just hoping for an explanation, and maybe confirmation of what it
represents, and how it can be helpful when making edits.


-- George
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