[mythtv-users] convoluted questiom

James jam at tigger.ws
Tue Dec 28 22:56:01 UTC 2021

> On 28 Dec 2021, at 10:43 pm, Barry Martin <barry3martin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This does mean that to upgrade I have to temporarily 
>> reboot the server onto a different subnet to do any upgrades, etc.
> On a Linux system you can add a second IP address to a device to access a second network:
> Second/Alternate IP address – two network address:
> sudo ip addr add broadcast dev enp1s0
> Temporarily (clears at boot) adds this address to current device. Allows connecting to different LAN. (so and
> "enp1s0" is my ethernet port per ifconfig.  I am not certain of the '24'; may need a smaller number -- I sort of know what it's for but not enough to start to explain.  *.*.4.* is the original network here; *.*.0.* the alternate.  

I've not done this, but I have tried with 2 network cards and still had phone-home from the 'slave backend' and phone-home causes all kinds of chaos (making a slave backend, even polluting the master DB)  cute, except when you don't want!

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