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Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Dec 27 10:05:24 UTC 2021

On 26/12/2021 23:36, James wrote:
>>> I want to take a camera
>>> a) stream it
>>> b) preview at will
>>> c) record at will
>>> mythtv is perfect except I do not want any GUI, only programatic invocation.
>>> I’ve not studied the API eg I find StopRecording but no StartRevording, can anyone offer advice?
>>> I implimented the requirement with gstreamer. Unlike mythtv-users and mythtv-dev lists their list is populated by soals seeking answers and a few really knowledgeable people. Unless you can pique their interest, you are on your own.
>> Zoneminder ( https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythZoneMinder ) and the mythtv pluginfor zoneminder are a possibility for what you are inquiring about. You didn’t mention what kind of camera, but zone minder will work with both network cameras as well as attached cameras to the zoneminder server.
> First thanks to you and to Barry, it very refreshing to have someone take an interest in your question.
> I tried to keep my question terse and relevant, but more explanation is warranted:
> In Australia commercial divers are required to wear a head cam and record their work.
> A year or so ago a fishing trawler sank off Broom.
> Since there may have been bodies on board when recovered (there weren't) the police accompanied the recovery and took the very poor video. (no doubt on a phone)
> We make DVRs. Divers describe themselves as underwater laborers and so the GUI is simple, certainly not
> u-beaut as mythtv.
> http://tigger.ws/downloads/DVR.avi <http://tigger.ws/downloads/DVR.avi>
> In the clip you can see the recorder box.
> We are implementing HD recording using Sensoray 2263 capture from a 1080p AHD camera.
> Mythtv answers all my needs. A customer of the dive company may want to watch, imagine a hull inspection on an oil tanker. So
> The divemaster needs watch what is happening and record what is happening while their customer watches a stream.
> All is complicated by (life dependant) chemistry of breathing gas (partial pressure of oxygen) (nitrogen being narcotic at about. 70m) (helium at pressure being a very good conductor of heat so warming water is needed) (as little as neccessory helium is used because of cost (so called tri-mix oxygen-nitrogen-helium))
> Voice is distorted by helium.
> mythtv ticks nearly all the boxes, but I need to control it via the api not via the gui.
> As a 20 year mythtv user it is a obvious choice likewise any project you care to name is unlikely to address all my needs.
>> I'm not sure of what you mean by "programatic invocation"
> means interaction with mythtv is via program API not via GUI in any way.
>> If the same recording displays fine under Linux and Windows then it should also be fine with MacOS.  Perhaps a bad install of the Mac VLC, outdated codec.  (WAG)
> The whole mac paradigsm of "doan toucha da buttons" means the buffering-latency is hard to configure: mac plays good videos <smile> eg mythtv recordings just fine but my goal is to create not-broken recordings.
> What tool can I use.to measure, listen<scitch>ing is<scritch> easy
I still think that mythtv is not a good enough match for your use case.

What is a much better match, in my view, and will do all that you require, is zoneminder. That can 
be totally controlled via the command line and has extensive stream/record/review/export options 
already built in. It does not need a TV interface to use and can handle many different kinds of 
input devices[1].

I run both mythtv and zoneminder here and the two are almost like chalk and cheese. In fact, I have 
treid to integrate the two and abjectly failed, but that does not diminish the usefulness of either.

Zoneminder is designed for surveillence and monitoring purposes and almost exactly fits your use 
case. I would suggest that you build a stand-alone system with it as a test and see if it will work 
for you.

[1] I run mine with two IP cameras to observe the local wildlife. The cameras were only £40 each 
and, while a pain to initially configure, do use the industry-standard ONVIF interface once set up.

(These cameras require an old version of Internet Explorer and use ActiveX as a web interface. 
That's what happens when you buy cheap. In your case, you'll be obtaining something more modern.)


Mike Perkins

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