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> >Ian:
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> >
> >>>> Of course, I'm deciding that I might want to build a modern system as
> >>>> the old combo  front/backend was limited in speed and memory.
> >>>>
> >>>> As I peruse possible holiday sales, I wanted to pick yer brains.
> >>>>
> >>>> - Will be a backend only, probably using Shield/Chromecast as frontend
> >>>> - most of the budget will be for at least a couple of 12+ TB NAS
> >>>> drives for recordings/video library
> >>>> - AMD? Intel? Speed? Cores?
> >>>> - motherboard suggestions? Perhaps an NVME for OS/database, but enough
> >>>> SATA connections for possible expansion past two storage drives.
> >>>> - case: current case is just over a foot tall. Limited bays. Would
> >>>> like a case that can hold at least four 3.5 inch drives.
> >>>>
> >>>> If anyone has built a backend lately, I'd love to hear your choices.
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> When I got my new AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, the cooler that came with
> that (a Wraith Prism) was fine for the job.  I believe it is a
> rebadged Cooler Master product.  It even has RGB lighting.
> A CPU at Ryzen 7 level is overkill for MythTV.  I put an AMD Ryzen 3
> 3100 into my mother's MythTV box when it was upgraded, and that is way
> more than enough, when coupled with 16 Gibytes of RAM and a fast PCIe
> v3 NVMe SSD.  The cooler that came with that is fine as well, but
> nothing fancy like the Wraith Prism.  I was really impressed with just
> how fast the Ryzen 3 3100 is.  But when I got my Ryzen 7 3700X, it
> turns out that it is literally "blink and you miss it" fast - if you
> blink while the screen is updating, you can miss that anything has
> changed because it has all happened before your eyes open again.
> For a new MythTV box these days, a Ryzen 3 is fine.  I would put more
> money into getting a better NVMe SSD than into a faster CPU.  And 8
> Gibytes of RAM is getting to be necessary if your database is growing.
> MythTV does a lot of things by putting big lists in RAM, such as the
> list of all your recordings or all your videos.  My database is
> massive (> 50,000 recordings), so with only 8 Gibytes of RAM in my
> main MythTV box (AMD FX-4100, Asus M5A97 Evo motherboard), it does
> swap unused parts of mythfrontend out to disk.  But that is not
> impacting performance (yet).  The old motherboard with only 4 Gibytes
> of RAM that it replaced was really struggling, with the then much
> smaller database.
Great input from everyone. I appreciate it.


Good to hear a Ryzen 3 will suffice. Memory seems to be the area I should
look at. The old system was running both MythTV and a one camera Zoneminder
(don't need more, it's an apartment). I might want to run the occasional
Windows session in a VM. I'm a film reviewer and some of the studios'
secure screening platforms are Windows only. I use HDHomerun's for my

Guess I need to check out cases next. Don't need any clear sides as where
it'll be placed I don't need to see any RGB. :-)

On a side note, continued thanks to the list. Everyone is so helpful with
their ideas and generous with their time.

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