[mythtv-users] Damaged Recordings

Thor mythtv at x-defense.de
Mon Dec 6 19:31:16 UTC 2021

I noticed that recently all my HD recordings (from onboard DVB-C card)  
appear "damaged".
The video itself seems fine, but they are tagged "Damaged" on mythweb,  
and show with yellow font on my kodi frontends.
I am not sure where to start the "debugging". any hints appreciated.
this is from a test recording today :
2021-12-06 12:02:00.784906 I  TVRec[1]:  
FinishedRecording(30001_2021-12-06T10:56:00Z) damaged recq:

<RecordingQuality overall_score="0.35"  
key="30001_2021-12-06T10:56:00Z" continuity_error_count="0"  

     <Gap start="2021-12-06T10:56:00Z" end="2021-12-06T10:56:26Z"  
duration="26" />


2021-12-06 12:02:00.792595 I  Updating status for "1 (Das Erste HD)"  
on cardid [1] (Recording => Recorder Failed)


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