[mythtv-users] Cox Cable DRM changes in RI?

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Wed Aug 11 00:50:21 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Has anybody else seen problems with Cox Cable in Rhode Island and DRM
settings? My HD HomeRun with a cable card has recently (like since
sometime today) stopped recording any but local broadcast channels. I'm
telling my HD HomeRun to re-scan all channels, and it's showing that DRM
is present on virtually all channels. I've also got an HD-PVR with a
cable box, so I can get around this by re-allocating recordings to the
HD-PVR, but that greatly reduces scheduling flexibility. If this is an
intentional, planned change, then I'm going to have to think about how
to deal with it.

Rod Smith
rodsmith at rodsbooks.com

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