[mythtv-users] leanfront 277 skip issue on just one recording?

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 13:21:45 UTC 2021

So I use leanfront on Shield TV and FireTV 4K a lot and it works great most
of the time. Yesterday I was watching the NBC news right after it had
finished recording. So I started watching and ~13 minutes later there was a
commercial that is always 1 minute so I hit the right direction arrow to
skip 1 minute, but nothing happened. I could not skip anywhere with the
arrows.  I downgraded to older versions of leanfront, but no success.  I
tested on Mythfrontend for Android and it worked fine on the same
recording. Something about this recording.

I've been testing this morning with other recordings and different skip
scenarios, but no issues.

Very strange.

Jim A
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