[mythtv-users] orphans

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 28 21:48:16 UTC 2020

On 09/28/2020 04:37 PM, Daryl McDonald wrote:
> Thanks, that solved the orphaned recordings error, so going further I 
> am unable to delete orphaned videos. Out of four files, five attempts 
> to delete and four still remain?

With find_orphans.py, the script simply tells the backend to delete the 
recordings, then the backend deletes them when it deletes them 
(generally very soon, but could be up to 5min later depending on a bunch 
of factors/settings).  So, if you run find_orphans.py right after you 
told it to delete, it almost always says that they're all (or at least 
most) still there.

Are you actually seeing them elsewhere, like in the frontend or 
MythWeb?  Have they disappeared after some time?


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