[mythtv-users] Schedules Direct: Australia data available on JSON service

Robert Kulagowski rkulagow at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 18:19:09 UTC 2020

On Fri, Sep 25, 2020 at 9:33 PM jam <jam at tigger.ws> wrote:
> > On 26 Sep 2020, at 9:36 am, Robert Kulagowski <rkulagow at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > [I work for Schedules Direct]
> >
> > If you live in Australia, we now have data available on the JSON
> > service from our upstream provider.
> >
> > Schedules Direct typically offers a 7-day free trial, but because this
> > is a new service I would be interested in getting a longer-term
> > evaluation from people that could provide feedback as to the quality
> > compared to what you get over-the-air, if there are gaps,
> > inaccuracies, etc.
> >
> > Please contact me if you'd like to see a sample of what we have available.
> Robert I find EIT in Australia to be the best option for getting up to date schedule info.

I guess it's a matter of personal preference. If you're happy with the
EIT data, then no reason to change.

This is an example of what a schedule would look like for ABC NSW in
Sydney. There are about 10 days of schedule data for that particular

2020-09-26 10:00AM|rage (SH025327690000) (S00E00) audio:[cc] video:[HD
>From new releases to classics, and the long forgotten. Features a
diverse range of music videos from both local and international

2020-09-26 11:00AM|rage Rave Cave Special (SH036281360000) audio:[cc]
video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Guest programmers Orbital present a diverse selection of rave classics
from established artists in the relevant genres.

2020-09-26 12:00PM|ABC News at Noon (SH027275220000) audio:[cc]
video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Coverage of the latest up to the minute news, including analysis from
trusted experts and guests from both Australia and around the world.

2020-09-26 12:30PM|Grantchester (EP025817500026) (S05E01)
audio:[cc,dvs,stereo] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Focuses upon the life of Sidney Chambers, a charismatic, charming
clergyman who turns investigative vicar when one of his parishioners
dies in suspicious circumstances.

2020-09-26 1:16PM|Father Brown: The River Corrupted (EP025679910087)
(S08E07) audio:[cc,stereo] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Sid returns to Kembleford, along with his new girlfriend, to ask his
old family to help save his new one.

2020-09-26 2:02PM|Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery: Susan Carland
(EP025275000029) (S05E06) audio:[cc] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Julia talks to Susan Carland about her life as an author, academic and
social commentator, discussing gender, sociology, and her experiences
as a modern Muslim woman.

2020-09-26 2:32PM|Further Back in Time for Dinner: The 1920s
(EP036041540003) (S01E03) audio:[cc] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
The Ferrones roar into the 1920s ready to kick up their heels in the
decade of decadence where they finally have a car. Carol remains stuck
in the kitchen, while Sienna finds a job in a department store.

2020-09-26 3:29PM|Escape From the City: Hunter Region NSW: The
Englishs (EP031282920062) (S01E56) audio:[cc] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Simon Marnie accompanies single mum Bridget as she inspects country
homes, yet finding one that encompasses all her needs may be

2020-09-26 4:27PM|Landline (EP025338290274) (S29E34) audio:[cc]
video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
An examination of Australia's catastrophic bushfires and how they
signal a new global fire age; Victorian poultry farmers battle a bird
flu outbreak; farmers line-up on opposite sides of the wind energy

2020-09-26 4:56PM|Australian Story: Beenham Valley Road (Part 2)
(EP025327870310) (S25E23) audio:[cc] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
When Jamie Pultz left the police, there was one case he couldn't drop:
the suspicious death of young Queensland mum Kirra McLoughlin. His
podcast investigation turns up some startling discoveries.

2020-09-26 5:29PM|Midsomer Murders: The Dark Rider (EP025675000014)
(S15E01) audio:[cc,stereo] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
The appearance of a headless horseman at Quitewell Hall prompts
Barnaby and Jones to investigate when the horseman foreshadows a
number of deaths among a family.

2020-09-26 7:00PM|ABC News (SH029151490000) audio:[cc] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Live bulletins of the latest news and current affairs from Australia
and around the world. Plus, discussions on hot topics and the most
recent political debates.

2020-09-26 7:32PM|Father Brown: The Curse of the Aesthetic
(EP025679910088) (S08E08) audio:[cc,stereo] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Father Brown is a Roman Catholic priest and amateur detective set on
investigating the mysteries in his English village.

2020-09-26 8:19PM|The Split (EP030275440009) (S02E03) audio:[cc]
video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Hannah's personal and professional lives collide when Nathan helps out
with the Hansen case; Nina, having narrowly escaped a shoplifting
sentence, struggles with her decision to terminate her pregnancy.

2020-09-26 9:19PM|Endeavour: Nocturne (EP025680340006) (S02E02)
audio:[cc,dvs,stereo] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
When a barbarous blood-letting in an Oxford museum claims the life of
an elderly man, the investigation propels Endeavour and Thursday to a
girls' school, haunted by memories of an atrocity committed 100 years

2020-09-26 10:50PM|Death in Paradise: Man Overboard: Part 2
(EP026194600048) (S06E06) audio:[cc,stereo] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
The team are shocked to discover that their main suspect is dead,
causing another investigation; Humphrey considers some advice offered
to him by an unusual source.


2020-10-07 12:57AM|Doc Martin: S.W.A.L.K (EP025674990069) (S09E03)
audio:[cc,stereo] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
Louisa has planned a special evening for Martin's birthday, which
doesn't go to plan because of Al's surprise engagement party for

2020-10-07 1:46AM|Parliament Question Time (SH027121650000) audio:[cc]
video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
National live coverage of Question Time from the House of
Representatives and Federal Parliament, Canberra.

2020-10-07 2:46AM|rage (SH025327690000) (S00E00) video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
>From new releases to classics, and the long forgotten. Features a
diverse range of music videos from both local and international

2020-10-07 4:12AM|Gardening Australia (SH025671400000) (S00E00)
audio:[cc] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
This program provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural
and gardening advice, to inspire and entertain all gardeners around
the nation.

2020-10-07 4:43AM|The Drum (SH025232600000) (S00E00) audio:[cc]
video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
A diverse range of panellists review the wide spectrum of political,
cultural and social news developments from around the world with a
focus on the Australian perspective.

2020-10-07 5:43AM|The Business: Budget Special (EP025232660544)
(S19E47) audio:[cc] video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]
In Canberra, Elysse Morgan talks to Finance Minister Mathias Cormann
and his shadow counterpart Jim Chalmers about the budget for 2019.


As an example, these are the specifics for 2020-09-26
12:30PM|Grantchester (EP025817500026) (S05E01) audio:[cc,dvs,stereo]
video:[HD 1080i,hdtv]

  "resourceID": "11114803",
  "programID": "EP025817500026",
  "titles": [{
  "title120": "Grantchester"
  "descriptions": {
  "description100": [{
  "descriptionLanguage": "en-AU",
  "description": "Clergyman Sidney Chambers becomes embroiled in a
murder investigation."
  "description1000": [{
  "descriptionLanguage": "en-AU",
  "description": "Focuses upon the life of Sidney Chambers, a
charismatic, charming clergyman who turns investigative vicar when one
of his parishioners dies in suspicious circumstances."
  "originalAirDate": "2020-01-16",
  "genres": ["Crime drama", "Mystery", "Drama"],
  "metadata": [{
  "Gracenote": {
  "season": 5,
  "episode": 1
  "contentRating": [{
  "body": "Mediakasvatus- ja kuvaohjelmayksikk\u00f6",
  "code": "K12",
  "country": "FIN"
  }, {
  "body": "Australian Classification Board",
  "code": "M 15+",
  "country": "AUS"
  }, {
  "body": "Canadian Parental Rating",
  "code": "14+",
  "country": "CAN"
  }, {
  "body": "USA Parental Rating",
  "code": "TV14",
  "country": "USA"
  }, {
  "body": "Film & Publication Board",
  "code": "13",
  "country": "ZAF"
  "cast": [{
  "billingOrder": "01",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "81254",
  "personId": "81254",
  "name": "Robson Green",
  "characterName": "Geordie Keating"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "02",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "1197285",
  "personId": "1114932",
  "name": "Tom Brittney",
  "characterName": "Will Davenport"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "03",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "446262",
  "personId": "437387",
  "name": "Al Weaver",
  "characterName": "Leonard Finch"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "04",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "77867",
  "personId": "77867",
  "name": "Tessa Peake-Jones",
  "characterName": "Mrs Chapman"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "05",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "229062",
  "personId": "226191",
  "name": "Kacey Ainsworth",
  "characterName": "Cathy Keating"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "06",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "68637",
  "personId": "68637",
  "name": "Siobhan Redmond",
  "characterName": "Andrea Shaw"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "07",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "993344",
  "personId": "936296",
  "name": "Sorcha Groundsell",
  "characterName": "Vronky"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "08",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "1219420",
  "personId": "1135428",
  "name": "Hannah van der Westhuysen",
  "characterName": "Heather"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "09",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "1302643",
  "personId": "1213301",
  "name": "Lauren Carse",
  "characterName": "Ellie Harding"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "10",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "30867",
  "personId": "30867",
  "name": "Jemma Redgrave",
  "characterName": "Amelia Davenport"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "11",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "310095",
  "personId": "306071",
  "name": "Oliver Dimsdale",
  "characterName": "Daniel Marlowe"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "12",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "71379",
  "personId": "71379",
  "name": "Nick Brimble",
  "characterName": "Jack Chapman"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "13",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "149910",
  "personId": "149908",
  "name": "Ross Boatman",
  "characterName": "Vic Morgan"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "14",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "115306",
  "personId": "115306",
  "name": "Paula Wilcox",
  "characterName": "Diana"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "15",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "277287",
  "personId": "273684",
  "name": "Bradley Hall",
  "characterName": "Larry Peters"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "16",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "1307213",
  "personId": "1217556",
  "name": "Jim Caesar",
  "characterName": "Matthew Butler"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "17",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "1298985",
  "personId": "1209842",
  "name": "Jack Donoghue",
  "characterName": "Lucas Rawlings"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "18",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "1298740",
  "personId": "1209609",
  "name": "Abraham Lewis",
  "characterName": "Alastair"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "19",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "577984",
  "personId": "554449",
  "name": "Barnaby Taylor",
  "characterName": "Ollie"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "20",
  "role": "Actor",
  "nameId": "1221272",
  "personId": "1137215",
  "name": "Skye Lucia Degruttola",
  "characterName": "Esme Keating"
  "crew": [{
  "billingOrder": "01",
  "role": "Executive Producer",
  "nameId": "1024044",
  "personId": "959094",
  "name": "Diederick Santer"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "02",
  "role": "Executive Producer",
  "nameId": "224620",
  "personId": "222082",
  "name": "Rebecca Eaton"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "03",
  "role": "Cinematographer",
  "nameId": "705564",
  "personId": "677790",
  "name": "Julian Court"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "04",
  "role": "Composer",
  "nameId": "468124",
  "personId": "459249",
  "name": "John Lunn"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "05",
  "role": "Director",
  "nameId": "460628",
  "personId": "451753",
  "name": "Gordon Anderson"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "06",
  "role": "Screenwriter",
  "nameId": "615240",
  "personId": "590784",
  "name": "Daisy Coulam"
  }, {
  "billingOrder": "07",
  "role": "Producer",
  "nameId": "1234612",
  "personId": "1149842",
  "name": "Richard Cookson"
  "entityType": "Episode",
  "showType": "Series",
  "hasImageArtwork": true,
  "hasSeriesArtwork": true,
  "hasEpisodeArtwork": true,
  "md5": "ThZMsv+jk9RXMBd3avaf5A"

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