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> On Wed, 23 Sep 2020 16:41:54 -0400, you wrote:
> >Christopher: Yes, the suspense is killing me. The one or two times this
> >happened over the last nine years it was always some fsck/error type
> >message for the recording drives (two internal and an external drive I
> send
> >some stuff to after recording). It had never been the OS drive. So it's
> >sorta frustrating that the boot process will hang (and ssh not start)
> >because of something happening to a data drive. You'd think it would let
> >you get to the point where you could ssh in and then say "Here's a problem
> >with your system. I can't continue past this." It'll be a while before I
> >see it and if it's just a "hit y" wait a few minutes and bingo, I'll yell.
> The problem where the system does not boot when fsck happens used to
> be common on older versions of Ubuntu using systemd.  For a while now
> on 18.04 I have not seen it, but I have not been particularly testing
> for it.  There may have been a systemd update that fixes it, or makes
> it less likely.  What I suspect is happening is that the fscks take a
> long time, which causes other things that systemd has waiting to start
> to exceed the timeout after which they get started anyway, even if the
> preconditions for them starting have not been met.  So they start up
> and then fail.  In the case of ssh, networking may not be up when it
> gets started, or systemd may find that it is unable to start the
> normal system (multiuser mode) and sshd may only be started when
> multiuser mode is started.  Systemd or the configuration of these
> systemd units should be fixed to prevent this, and may have been at
> least somewhat.
> <snip>

Thanks for the treasure trove of suggestions. I'm beginning to wonder
what's more frustrating, the fact the system is down or that I can't try
everyone's suggestions right now. Stephen, your treasure trove of
suggestions is getting Evernote'd.

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