[mythtv-users] Mythweb, --noupnp and the status page

James Klaas jklaas at appalachian.dyndns.org
Thu Sep 24 12:32:22 UTC 2020

I recently upgraded mythtv on my Buster server to 30.0 from deb-multimedia.

After I got everything sorted out and working to my satisfaction, I
discovered that the status page for my mythweb install would produce a
404 error. After some searching around I found someone who mentioned
removing the "--noupnp" option from mythtvbackend flags was the


However, I don't really want my mythbackend to be running a upnp
server as I rely on other programs for that service.

Is this a mythtv bug or a packaging bug somehow?

I didn't see any issues in trac to indicate anyone reported this.


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