[mythtv-users] Leanfront renderer error

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 15:42:34 UTC 2020

On 9/23/20 11:02 AM, Jim Abernathy wrote:
> I'm running Android Leanfront V0-198 and I was watching a program that 
> was recorded from a secondary stream of one of the major local 
> broadcasters. The channel is 5.3 and the program was originally 16:9 
> HD but on reruns on 5.3 is reduced letterbox where I use the zoom to 
> 133% to make it full screen on a 16.9 TV.
> I've been viewing this and other programs from this channel for weeks 
> and today I had a failure message on the screen. I've attached a jpg 
> screenshot of it but the text is:
> Playback Failed.
> Error Occurred in a Renerer.
> FfmpegAudioRenderer error, index=2,format=Format (1/84,
> null,null,audio/ac3,null, -1, en[-1.-1.-1.0],[2,48000]),
> format_supported=YES
> Exit   Continue
> I could not get Leanfront to advance past the error, so I assumed it  
> was the file so I tried to play it at the point of failure on 
> mythfrontend for android and it worked fine.  I went back to leanfront 
> and forced it to stop with Settings and then tried to play it from the 
> start and got the same error.
> I restarted the Shield TV and it work fine the next time with 
> leanfront.  This appears to be a one time error that left something 
> cached that it couldn't push thru and the restart of the Shield TV fixed.
> The capture card is a Hauppauge WInTV quadHD and the signal is 
> generally 100% so I don't think it was a signal problem. I didn't see 
> any anomalies when I played it on mythfrontend.
> If I can find something that is repeatable, I'll run some logging with 
> adb.
> Jim A
As it so happens, I made a change last Friday to handle this type of 
audio error. I have now posted the latest release with this change 

The change will try to switch to another audio track when this happens. 
If none is available it will disable audio, so the video will go silent. 
You can try to reactivate audio by using the audio track (icon of an 
ear) in the player.


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