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> >>>>>> I've recently updated to 31 from 29.1 and so far run into just
> >one problem. Metadata looked up from within the video player is now
> >generic to the series rather than specific to the episode, so I don't
> >see the episode title or the description of what happens in the
> >episode. There also seems to be a problem with downloading artwork.
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> Anyone else seen similar?
> .....
> An example file ĺ'm testing is Believe.S01E02.mp4.

This isn't a newly added file. Correct metadata was obtained with my 29.1
> installation.

the file name convention for videos is on the wiki under
and linked from the main page

I did a short test in the video library by creating files
under the video storage group folder:
1) Believe/S01E01.mpg
2) Believe/S01E02 Beginner's Luck.mpg
3) Believe/S01E03.mpg

Then I did for each video
M -> Scan for changes
I -> Change Video Details -> Edit Details
Season and episode have been identified correctly from the filename
Subtitle is identified as well in case of (2)

Then I did on the first video (1)
I -> Change Video Details -> Retrieve Video Details
which gave me a list of available videos.
I selected item "Believe (0)"
No picture and only generic video information test about the series itself.

On the second episode (2),
I -> Change Video Details -> Retrieve Video Details
Detailed detailed textual information about this episode as well as
Coverart : Believe Season1_coverart.jpg
Screenshot : Believe Season 1x2_screenshot.jpg
Fanart : Believe Season 1_fanart.jpg
In short, everything is done well.

A second run on the first episode (1)
gave me the new details as well (surprisingly).

For series, a subtitle must be passed in the filename as well (see wiki).
The logs of the mythtv-frontend show details of what is going on.
Evaluating these logs gives you an overview of what the metadata grabbing
is doing.
In the above case, MythTV thinks that the file (1) is a movie instead a
part of a TV-series.

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