[mythtv-users] "Sky Arts" channel now on UK Freeview DVB-T

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 21:58:21 UTC 2020

This channel became available on Thursday 17 Sept.  It's nominally 
Freeview channel 11;  for me, at present, it's channel 11A, on the same 
Transport/mux as Sky News, Dave and Smithsonian

The EIT data shows some programmes as having surround sound, but in fact 
everything I have seen is 544*576 mpeg2 with 128 Kb/s joint stereo.

I've just installed Peter's latest build of mythfrontend for Master on 
my FireTVstick 4k.  I haven't experimented with its settings, but using 
ffmpeg decoding and 2x GLSL Linearblend deinterlacing all 4 cores have 
some spare capacity on this material at normal speed.  But if it showed 
golf I don't suppose I would be able to read the name of the golf-ball 
maker :-)

John P

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