[mythtv-users] After upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04, frontend crashes X

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Sun Sep 20 03:33:07 UTC 2020

On Sat, 19 Sep 2020 12:58:34 -0700, you wrote:

>In any case - one of my frontends (v31), which was running fine on Ubuntu
>18.04, crashes X after the upgrade to 20.04.  The screen just goes black,
>and I have to log in via the CLI on another tty if I want to do anything,
>but I can't kill the pid even then, so I have to reboot if I have to use X.
>It is using the same NVidia driver as it did under 18.04.
>I have a couple of other machines (including my main media server, which is
>a backend/frontend, and two other frontends) that I'd like to upgrade but
>am waiting to get his fixed first.
>This is the log dump.  I see a couple of things that *might* be an issue,
>but am not sure.

I can not see anything wrong in the log.  But I am only using 20.04 on
virtual machines at present, not on my real MythTV boxes using the
Nvidia drivers.

Is the crash happening just by running the mythfrontend GUI, or when
you play a recording or video?  When you login via another TTY, is
that using Ctrl-Alt-Fx keys to swap to a different screen, or is it
via SSH?  What PID are you killing to try to get the screen to unblank
- is it the mythfronted one?  If so, did you check that
mythfrontend(.real) actually stopped?  There is a bug that means
mythfrontend needs to be given two kill commands of the ordinary "kill
-15" type to actually get it to stop - it mostly shuts down except for
one final thread on the first kill -15 and the second kill -15 then
shuts down that last thread.  Did you try kill -9 on mythfrontend?
What distro are you running (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, ...)?  What GUI are you
using (Gnome, XFCE4, ...)?  What display manager are you using (gdm,
lightdm, ...)?  What sort of screen is being used (it appears to be
4k)?  Your video card appears to be an Nvidia GT640 running 390.138
drivers.  I did not think that a GT640 was able to do 4k.

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