[mythtv-users] After upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04, frontend crashes X

jam at tigger.ws jam at tigger.ws
Sat Sep 19 23:40:45 UTC 2020

> On 20 Sep 2020, at 3:58 am, Bob Sully <malibyte56 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Side note - had to rejoin with a different email address after your listserv decided to ban my old one (which I've used on this list for over ten years) because someone else in my mail server's IP block got onto Spamhaus's naughty list.

Bob after endless bitching to bluehost, my server, they told me "We are a web hosting company, mail is a freeby thrown in ..". but they have a farm of mail servers each on own IP.
If a mail to mythtv-users bounces immediately resend. I usually get another (clean) server.

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