[mythtv-users] Frame rate matching

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 11:15:08 UTC 2020

I didn't know this was a problem until I got on the Geforce forum to ask 
questions about a issue I had with my Nvidia Shield TV.

As part of my effort to standardize on one platform, I had MythTV 
Frontend and Leanfront working very well, but had problems with some 
streaming services apps like Hulu and Netflix. Hulu was not solvable in 
a reasonable time frame so I canceled it and moved to Youtube.TV which 
works great.

However I noticed a problem with Netflix because it skipped frames every 
3-4 seconds.  Turns out a feature called Frame rate Matching needs to be 

There is a beta feature or third party app that work on the Nvidia 
Shield TV that solve the frame rate matching problem. At least it did 
for me.

I bring this up because other countries may receive content at different 
frame rates and that may show as a problem on the Shield TV with MythTV, 
I don't know.

For me in the USA, never experienced this with OTA MPEG2 content because 
all TV stations I know of use 720P or 1080i and MythTV on all my 
frontends work.

So if you have the Shield TV and have issues with frame rate matching 
you could look into this beta feature on the Shield TV. My topic is 
linked below and the Nvidia staff has links to articles in their response:


Jim A

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