[mythtv-users] FireTV 4K vs. Shield TV for mythtv frontend and Leanfront

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 17:40:10 UTC 2020

On 9/17/20 12:43 PM, David Engel wrote:
> I didn't think the FireTV 4k could handle much speedup.  How high can
> it go?  I still have mine connected but haven't built a package for it
> in ages.
> David
> -

This is leanfront not mythfrontend

I just ran a test with a 1080i recording. It goes up to 800% speedup, 
but it seems the wifi connection is not fast enough to maintain that so 
it pauses after a while to buffer. At speeds of 500% and above it is a 
bit jerky, like fast forward, and the audio is just a gabble. At 200% it 
seems usable, but I am not sure what quality is expected. I have it hard 
coded for a set of speeds for 50% to 800%. 800% is the maximum for audio 
speedup but video is supposed to be able to go faster.


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