[mythtv-users] Display weirdness

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 15:46:54 UTC 2020

Hi DryHeat122!

> One is that the screen is going black at random times.  So far this has not
> happened while I was actually watching a recording, but after the frontend
> has been idle for some time.  Just now it did happen immediately after
> reboot and before frontend start, so it's not being caused by the frontend.
> When this happens there is no reviving it.  From the frontend machine
> ctl-alt-f2 does nothing.  I tried SSHing from another machine and
> restarting Gnome.  No help.  Reboot is the only option. It's not that the
> video output is completely going away altogether bc my monitor tells me
> know if there's no signal.  Its just a black screen. This has been
> happening since I rebuilt the system but frequency has been increasing.

I have been having a similar problem but is a random black flashing as 
opposed yours staying black.  From what I have read on the web the 
problem seems to be more with the grounding of the monitor/TV than an 
issue with the signal source (the Frontend).  I haven't explored too 
much as currently using a temporary Frontend because the permanent one 
is awaiting a replacement CPU fan.

The temporary Frontend is a Raspberry Pi 4, which from what I have read 
is double insulated.  Powered via a two-prong wall wart (no ground 
pin).  The TV also has 'only' two prongs.  I don't know if the plug is 
polarized or not.  (Here in the United States one outlet slot is 'hot' 
and the other 'neutral'.)  From what I read it was suggested to reverse 
the plug's orientation if not polarized, else ground the monitor (TV).  
At this time not testing as the original Frontend will be back in 
service shortly and hopefully no more problem.

As for the flashing with the current RPi, I have found rebooting via the 
GUI didn't solve the problem -- in fact made it worse! However rebooting 
via Terminal solved (whew!).  Another day instead of rebooting I tried 
making sure the various HDMI connections were tight and this fixed it.  
(At the TV in, RPi out, and a coupler because I was too lazy and just 
connected the two cables together.)

So admittedly my answer is not really too informative but may give you 
an idea of what to test.


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