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Swanseasurfing swanseasurfing at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 10:39:44 UTC 2020

>> As usual a very detailed and interesting reply, which I will study
> further. The reason I thought I'd like the DB_backup run before shutdown
> is, my past problems have occured  after an evening of recordings, which
> don't get backed up until the system turns on, and the system doesn't turn
> on because something borked.

It‘s interesting to read about the anacron approach. I use a
script-approach and that seems to work since years. But I had no need to
restore or recover the database due to errors.

I use mythwelcome. When the system is idle then a shutdown script will be
started. It runs checks (is mythshutdown safe? Is there a samba connection
left? ...), runs fstrim and a database backup once a day and shuts down the
backend machine.

But when I use the Shutdown menu option on the mythwelcome screen, then
mythshutdown is called directly - my script will not be used. So a quick
shutdown is possible as well.

If this seems to be interesting for your use case I would fiddle out the
script and send it to you.

Kind Regards
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