[mythtv-users] RTSP / IP encoders - how to make this work right/reliably

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Thu Sep 3 16:28:31 UTC 2020

On Thu, 3 Sep 2020 11:59:29 -0400, you wrote:

>I just managed to snag a couple of very expensive commercial HDMI 
>encoders for a song on ebay.  I have one here working off an HDMI 
>connection to a dish network VIP211.
>The picture is quite good, and streaming it to a vlc instance in my 
>office.  The transport stream has several different formats, currently 
>on mpeg2ts, its' working great.
>BUT the stream can only be gotten to using RTSP, NOT HTTP, which is what 
>all the freebox documentation is calling for that i can see.
>I also ran across some other postings about using an external recorder.
>For those that have wrangled with this type of capture device, what 
>makes sense here?  As far as i can tell, if i can get this working it 
>will make an extremely clean installation, as i can
>have my satellite boxes sitting on tvs in usable spots in the house, 
>change channels by ethernet, start the ip encoder remote and generally 
>carry on with life and high WAF.
>She insists the dish boxes be available rather than livetv through myth, 
>and i can't blame her really, we've never liked the live tv interface 
>that much.  If the channel suddenly changes on the box, you just go do 
>something else.
>The encoder in question is a Vbrick 7101 h-hd.  Nice little device, if 
>insanely priced back in the day.  I'll let you google the prices if you 
>Anyone have any common wisdom here?

Mythbackend does understand RTSP/RTP protocol, at least somewhat.  I
think one of the network tuners uses it (Ceton?).  So I have taken
advantage of that to get it to record using SAT>IP URLs from
minisatip.  Here is a working SAT>IP URL for one of my channels:


So before you think of using an external recorder, try setting up a
channel for IPTV and using the RTSP URLs for your HDMI encoder and see
if it works.  See this page for how to create an IPTV source and
tuners and an M3U playlist file to specify the channels and their


It is also possible to use external software to translate from
RTSP/RTP to HTTP streaming protocols.  Maybe videolan or TVHeadend.
There are likely to be others.

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