[mythtv-users] Managing storage groups intelligently

R. Ramesh rramesh at verizon.net
Tue Sep 1 22:41:55 UTC 2020

> You have a few options.
> 1) different storage groups for the different disks
>     - setup recording rules to use this SG
> 2) both disks in 1 SG and tune the disk selection algorithm
>     - balanced free space, immediately comes to mind.
>     - the backend will prefer to use the disk with the
>       most free space.
>     - this is a user selectable configuration item.
> Regards
> Stuart
Thanks. It appears that putting SSD in "Default group" and moving all 
spinning HDDs to another storage group should do the trick.

Disk selection algorithms are all based on space usage and my SSD will 
fail next to large HD pool that I have as 12TB RAID. So, your first 
method is more suitable, I think. I will copy overnight between SSD and 
HD making sure that I leave more recent recordings in the SSD and still 
leave enough space to record.


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