[mythtv-users] v31 Backend Killed Creating pipes for GWakeup

John jksjdevelop at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 11:02:17 UTC 2020


Has anybody seen the backend fail like this before?

 From the backend log

Aug 31 22:06:37 tv systemd[1]: mythbackend.service: Main process exited, 
code=killed, status=5/TRAP

 From Syslog

Aug 31 22:06:37 tv kernel: [15079.668950] show_signal: 29 callbacks 
Aug 31 22:06:37 tv kernel: [15079.668957] traps: MythSocketThrea[13492] 
trap int3 ip:7ff07424d0d5 sp:7fed87c569a0 error:0 in 
Aug 31 22:06:37 tv mythbackend[1690]: (process:1690): GLib-ERROR **: 
22:06:37.397: Creating pipes for GWakeup: Too many open files
Aug 31 22:07:12 tv systemd[1]: Stopped MythTV Backend.
Aug 31 22:07:12 tv systemd[1]: Started MythTV Backend.

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