[mythtv-users] recordings disappeared from media_library/watch_recordings?

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Sat Nov 28 13:15:26 UTC 2020

Hi all

I'm running fixes/31 on ubuntu 20.04, combined fe/be.
Things have been going great until today when I upgraded to

A lot of recordings that had been around a while suddenly disappeared
from the frontend list (media library -> watch recordings).
I went to the autoexpire list and disabled autoexpire for a bunch of
them but a good number of those I disabled autoexpir for did not
reappear in the list of available recordings.
Strangely, mythweb shows that the recordings are there: I can download
a .ts file for one of the shows that does not appear in the watch

I exited the frontend and started it again, which made no difference.
I ran mysqlcheck -c -A and everything was reported as ok.
find_orphans.py doesn't show the recordings I'm after, only a
handful of zero-byte files.
Checked the changelog for the package...wasn't much help.

Has anyone else seen this kind of thing, or can anyone suggest how
to get those programs listed again?


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