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Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 11:16:53 UTC 2020

On 11/21/20 3:44 AM, James Linder wrote:
>> On 21 Nov 2020, at 12:54 pm, Bob Long <bob at oblong.com.au> wrote:
>> James Linder wrote on 21/11/20 11:33 am:
>>>> On 19 Nov 2020, at 2:09 pm, Bob Long <bob at oblong.com.au>
>>>>   wrote:
>>>> James Linder wrote on 19/11/20 12:29 pm:
>>>>>> On 19 Nov 2020, at 9:50 am, Bob Long <bob at oblong.com.au>
>>>>>>   wrote:
>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>> Fresh installation of Linux Mint 20, MATE, 64 bit; MythTV fixes/31 (v31.0-v31.0) as combined backend and frontend. All that seems to work.
>>>>>> So, with Firefox, trying Webfrontend|TV|Recordings; for a recording: Watch|Play in browser results in "No video with supported format..." and an instruction to install JW Player.
>>>>>> Going to Menu|3rd-Party Software|JW Player and clicking on the button "Install JW Player" results in "501 not implemented."
>>>>>> My searching has not resulted in a solution.
>>>>>> So is this process meant to work? If so, is there a fix? Or is there another way of viewing via a browser?
>>>>> AND firefox does a crap job of streaming. I had to (dons raincoat) use chrome.
>>>> So I tried Google Chrome. That allowed the installation of JW Player; Firefox then knew JW Player was installed. But neither worked for "Play in Browser".
>>>> I then tried "XSPF/M3U8/ASX" which gave a prompt; selecting VLC worked. That will do for me.
>>> Bob please use more words :)
>> Ok!
>>> I looked for the option and found it not.
>> I presume you are looking for the "XSPF/M3U8/ASX" option? To see that, I do, in Webfrontend:
>> Using Firefox (not tried Google Chrome for this bit):
>> Webfrontend|left-hand Menu|TV|Recordings; left click on "Watch" on the recording thumbnail. Three options appear:
>> Play in Browser
>> Download
>> Click XSPF/M3U8/ASX and Firefox prompts to open with VLC, and it does.
>> Firefox|Preferences|Applications has:
>> application/x-mpegurl type    Always ask.
>> I've tried this only on the combined backend/frontend so far (which in a way is pointless, because I would usually use the proper frontend).
>> Bob
>>> I tried to use VLC directly which failed and selected uPnP, I have a server running ‘doze media player and my samsung TV see it and can use it,  but that failed too.
>>> James
> Thank you (works perfectly) Why can’t I get VLC to do that  :-)
> James

I thought this discussion was interesting and tried the following.

1. Using Google Chrome browser, login to webfrontend and install JW Player

2. In TV -> Recordings -> left click on "Watch" on the recording 
thumbnail. Four options appear:

 1. Play in Browser
 2. Play on Frontend LibreELEC
 4. Download

I selected XSPF/M3U8/ASX and Chrome showed the .m3u8 file as downloaded 
at the bottom of the browser. I click on that and the Video starts play 
in the "Video" (Totem) Program on Linux Mint/Ubuntu. I could also right 
click the file in my Download directory and select play with VLC.

However, without any further VLC configuration the quality in Totem was 
already better.

Jim A

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