[mythtv-users] Xorg nouveau driver vs. nvidia-driver

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 23:22:12 UTC 2020

Hi Ramesh!

>>> Is nvidia-driver known to be superior that I should try to keep it and
>>> adjust frontend gui resolution to make things fit or should I simply
>>> switch back to nouveau driver?
>>> Also, overscan is a general issue even with Xorg, and fixing gui
>>> resolution will not make Xorg better. I will have to fix Xorg overscan
>>> somehow. So, I prefer nouveau over nvidia in this aspect.
>>> Any help suggestion in improving what I have is much appreciated.
>> nVidia does have a GUI option where one can adjust the settings to 
>> compensate for the television's overscan.  Used it with one of the 
>> Frontends here because the TV did not have an overscan compensation.
> I am not sure I understand. Can you clarify? Which utility are you 
> talking about?
I knew you were going to ask that! <g>   I can't look directly as with 
the previous MythTV system here: 0.28, now version 30 and while 
upgrading wiped the old version.

Old notes say "nVidia XServer Display Config".  A very quick look didn't 
find a download so I'll let you do a bit of digging.

<code>  sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall  </code>


<code>  sudo apt install nvidia-390  </code>

Not sure from my notes if that installed the driver I needed at the time 
/and/ the GUI.  Sorry.

One thing that may be useful is a note I had set the resolution on that 
TV/FrontEnd combination to 1680x1050 (16:10).  The default 1920x1080 
(16:9) had an overscan.

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